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Tips to creating powerful photography for a start-up business


It can be a huge battle when starting out in business between keeping costs down and promoting yourself in order to grow. As the statistics tell us, 50% of small businesses don’t last longer than 5 years so remaining small isn’t going to get you far in the long run. 


A big part of marketing your business when starting out is your brand image. A powerful logo is a great start and will be enough to help design your business cards and email signature. However, when you come to designing your website, creating social media pages and producing marketing collateral such as flyers or billboards, you will need images to enhance the brand and promote your values as a business.


Photography is a great way to showcase your business and staff, which in turn will make you more approachable to your target audience. The quick fix and often the most common is to purchase stock images online but it can be easy to spot a fake one especially when your competitors have the same idea! 

Here are some top tips to producing powerful photography that will enhance your marketing and help to avoid using ineffective stock images.


  • Include photos of staff members. Male and female if you can, and with varying age ranges as this will appeal to a larger target market and show that you have experts for all situations. People like to put a face to an email which is why linkedin has proved so effective in the business community, so having images alongside staff names can really help to boost your customer service. I’ve even had clients being recognised on the street just from a website photo which shows the potential it has.


  • Get a range of images. Try to think about all marketing not just the website when making a list of potential photos. Request photos of the building, product shots and even the whole team in order to get a greater selection when it comes to promoting different aspects of your business.


  • Create a goal. This may sound obvious but so many people start creating their website or marketing material without a target market or goal in mind. This is the same for photographs. Decide what you are trying to achieve with the photographs you create; who are you targeting, how would you like them to perceive you as a business? If you at least inform your photographer, they will have a better chance of producing imagery that has a bigger impact.


  • Think about the background. You don’t have to have the photoshoot at your office if it doesn’t have the feel you are trying to achieve. The backdrop to your images, in particular staff photos, can make a difference to the end result. For example, if you are trying to appeal to a younger audience, brick and concrete can create a really cool modern look whereas white walls appear clinical so will appeal to healthcare professionals. Also if you are targeting a local market, think about including iconic local scenery, for many of our clients this could be Mount Taranaki, surf breaks or the Wind Wand.


  • Act as you want to be treated. You don’t have to go for a traditional stance when having staff photos taken. Creative industries in particular tend to loosen up when it comes to photography and use all kinds of props to create fun images that show their staff to be creative and outgoing. I’ve even encouraged clients to bring their kids along if they want to show their approachable, family-friendly side. 

Promoting yourself doesn’t have to be costly. There are plenty of free resources out there to help with marketing your business and photography doesn’t have to be costly either. As long as you’re organised, one photoshoot can produce enough images for your website, promotional collateral and social media pages. Not only will this keep the brand consistent but will save you a heap of money if you use the imagery in as many places as possible. It can also save you money on designing your marketing material as unique artwork can be incredibly costly compared to a photograph. What’s more, it will save time endlessly scrolling through thousands of stock images to find something close to what you want to achieve.

Photography can be a daunting process but one that has a huge impact on your business success if done properly. Having a unique presence in the market place with an approachable style will most certainly increase your client base, which in turn will help you to grow. To get more tips like these visit



Wow what a start to Pre-School Fundraising with Photos for You.

Photos for you is now offering a full fundraising service for all Pre-schools. What better way to make money than having a whole lot of fun?

We started this journey with the Rainbow Centre on Lemon Street.  What a great bunch the staff there are, we had so much fun photographing the children who were brilliant.

So if you know a pre-school please tell them that Rosie and Bryan would love to help them raise some money.






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Award winning photographer offers top tips to a visually appealing business website

With the $2 billion Government roll-out of Ultra-Fast Broadband almost complete in our region, there is set to be an increase in internet usage in 2016 with faster internet more easily accessible to the general public. It is therefore likely that businesses will see more traffic to their website and social media pages, highlighting the need for an effective online presence.

In order to support your business to produce visually appealing websites, local award winning Photographer and owner of Photos for you, Rosie Moyes offers her top tips on utilizing professional photographs to effectively market your business online.

  • Firstly, it’s about quality not quantity, for more than one reason! With faster upload speeds now available, it’s tempting to add as many images as possible to showcase your business but remember that for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, it’s also vital to use text. Avoid bombarding viewers with too many images, which can confuse the message you are trying to get across and also take a long time to navigate through. Use your best images that will promote your business or products and appeal to your potential demographic.


  • Your home page image is also incredibly important to get right for immediate impact. Use your ‘best’, which is often your most high quality, image here and make sure it gives a good impression of your business. Make sure the image is loaded to the correct resolution to avoid slow response times, in this quick digital era; potential clients don’t have minutes (even seconds) to wait for your image to load.


  • Just as the first image on your home page is crucial to represent your business offering, your last image, often on the contact us page, can be just as important but often overlooked. This should be your next best image that says the most about you and your business, leaving the user with a powerful lasting impression.

Located in the heart of New Plymouth CBD, the Photos for you studio, complete with unique infinity wall, sound proofing and state of the art lighting equipment is perfect for businesses requiring professional photos to enhance their brand. Whether it's team photos for a website or social media page or product shots to showcase the latest offerings, they can help to ensure you make the right impression to your target audience. Large teams can even attend in groups to minimize disruption at the office.


For professional photographs to help improve your website, contact Rosie on 06 757 2815 or email




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chritmas Rebecca

Oakura Carnival New years Day 2016.

We were proud to be invited to photograph the Oakura carnival for the second year running.

The carnival was again a massive success with over 4000 people attending the Music fun and mayhem.

It makes us feel part of our local community knowing that the Carnival Trust is able to help so many local organisations and youth projects.

Check out the photos at

Feel free to tag yourselves and why not like our page while you are there.

 See you at next years event.




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